City of Mount Vernon, NY

Posted: Mar 5th 2016

The City of Mount Vernon, NY replaces their in-house parking collections system with AIMS.   Mount Vernon has used the AIMS Ticketers for enforcement since 2004, with an automated transfer of issued citations to their home grown system.  In late 2014, the decision was made to replace their home-grown system with AIMS and the AIMS Mobile Enforcement App.   At Mount Vernon, AIMS handles all...

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The Township of Lower Merion

Posted: Feb 29th 2016

The Township of Lower Merion, PA implements AIMS Web+ for online customer ticket payments and chooses EDC Corporation’s PCI Compliant hosting services. Lower Merion implemented the AIMS system in 2007. Throughout the years, Lower Merion has expanded the breadth of AIMS to include real-time online payments, AIMS Mobile Enforcement Apps and real-time integration with their Parkeon kiosks.

City of Rutland, VT

Posted: Nov 24th 2015

City of Rutland, VT upgrades their AIMS traditional enforcement handhelds to the AIMS Parking Enforcement App.   As technology advances, so does the City of Rutland’s enforcement.   Rutland, VT has used the AIMS system for parking ticket management since 2008.   Next up for Rutland is the implementation of pay-by-cell technology, which will integrate in real-time to AIMS Mobile for enforcement...

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Northern Illinois University

Posted: Jul 27th 2015

Northern Illinois University implemented AIMS, AIMS Web+, and the AIMS Mobile App for Android. The university uses AIMS to manage their campus permit sales, citation issuance, payment and appeals. AIMS Web+ is the parker's portal for online citation payments, permit purchase, wait list access, citation appeals, and account viewing. We welcome Northern Illinois University to our list of AIMS...

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