Permit Management

The AIMS Parking Management System simplifies your permitting operation with robust functionality. Unlimited permit types and rates can be created and managed with our easy-to-use system. Permit amounts can be defined on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or fixed cost basis to fit your custom needs.

AIMS generates correspondence with both individual and specific groups of permit holders by integrating with your email servers. Notifying your customers of lot closures, permit renewal season, and additional correspondence is a click away and tracked directly in AIMS.

Any payments are recorded directly within the AIMS Permit Screen, eliminating the need to add items to a traditional cart. Permits can be configured for payroll deduction, recurring invoicing, or up-front payments based on your specific organizational needs.

AIMS Permit Management functionality includes:

  • Multiple Vehicle Assignment and Tracking
  • Waiting List Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Lot Utilization Surveys
  • Custom Renewal Letters and Notifications
  • Flexible Invoicing Options
  • Payment Posting
  • Online Permit Registration
  • Permit Holder, Location, and Revenue Posting
  • Print temporary hangtags and window decals on-demand, directly through AIMS
  • Carpool permit management
  • Manage Residential Permit Programs
  • Interface with Payroll Systems, Student Information Systems, and Gate Arm Software
  • Integrates with your permit vendor for direct fulfillment