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AIMS MobilePay

Today’s drivers appreciate and increasingly expect their pay-to-park transactions to be facilitated and made more convenient using a smart phone app. An exciting new addition to the AIMS Parking Management suite of solutions, AIMS MobilePay (or AMP Park, for short) is a customer-facing smart phone app expertly designed to satisfy this growing consumer demand while affording your organization a host of associated benefits.

AIMS MobilePay Benefits Your Customer:

Compatible with iOS and Android smart phones – and downloaded for free from your customer’s app store of choice (search for "AMP Park" in the Apple App Store or Google Play) – the AMP Park smart phone app establishes a secure and individualized account for your customer, including an encrypted wireless connection to the user’s preferred payment method. That done, the AMP Park app is ready to:

  • Assist with identifying available parking spaces in your AIMS Parking Management service area.
  • Streamline payments. No need to exit the vehicle, transact with cash or a credit card, or interact with a parking meter, kiosk, or parking attendant
  • Provide real-time access to their AMP Park account via phone or desktop (at, where the customer can set parking session reminders, review transaction history, update and manage multiple payment methods, and more

AIMS MobilePay Benefits Your Organization:

In addition to providing your paid-parking customers added convenience – it also benefits you to add the AMP Park service to your already robust and function-rich AIMS Parking Management system:

  • AMP Park Map ScreenIncreased Revenue. The convenience of AMP Park's space locater and payment functions actually encourages consumers who might otherwise park elsewhere to utilize your paid parking.
  • Better use of your parking-space inventory. The app's space locator function also helps you maximize capacity.
  • An attractive alternative to 3rd party mobile-pay apps. When consumers utilize your AMP Park service – as opposed to popular consumer parking apps – you capture a greater percentage of the resulting revenues. Additionally, you receive payments in real time instead of waiting for a monthly payment from 3rd party providers. And you retain 100% flexibility and authority to set your own parking rates.
  • More consumer insight. Because AMP Park is an extension of – and fully integrated with – your existing AIMS Parking Management system, its use enables you to capture and leverage associated customer data and parking trends like frequency, seasonality, and more.
  • Improved enforcement. AMP Park links to your AIMS Mobile Enforcement device, enabling enforcement staff to view active and expired sessions and issue citations to vehicles without paid parking sessions.
  • Easier customer management. AMP Park links parking sessions to existing customers in your AIMS Parking Management system, providing a complete picture of parking activity including past citations, current permits, and all the pay-by-phone parking sessions on one screen.
  • Improved reporting. One system provides a snapshot of enforcement, permitting, and pay-by-phone sessions – including financials, customer data, location capacities, usage, and more!