Georgia Southern University

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Campus Population: 20,000
Citations: 45,000/Year
Permits: 20,000/Year

"In June of 2011 we replaced our parking management software with the AIMS Parking Management System. We were searching for a user-friendly package that met all of our enforcement, permitting, financial and reporting needs. We needed a reliable vendor that we could count on to provide the support we deserve.

EDC Corporation was the vendor we had been searching for. The support that EDC provides Georgia Southern is outstanding and surpasses any service we have experienced with prior vendors. Support Staff are knowledgeable, responsive and available over the phone or via email when we need them.

Our parking staff is delighted with AIMS’s ease-of-use and breadth of functionality. Customer information is at their finger-tips, which makes serving our campus community much more efficiently than in the past. Our campus community loves the AIMS Web+ e-commerce platform for viewing their parking account, paying tickets, and registering their vehicles.

I would recommend AIMS and EDC Corporation to any Parking and Transportation Department."

Kristi Bryant
Director of Parking and Transportation
Georgia Southern University
About The Implementation

At Georgia Southern University, AIMS links a parker’s permits, citations, boots, vehicles and financial information to a single customer record. AIMS Ticketers issue parking citations and track boots/tows and temporary permits are printed in-house. Billing statements are automatically generated and emailed, payment is posted from any screen, and reports are provided. AIMS Web+ is the campus population’s e-commerce portal for parking ticket payments, appeals, permit purchase, self-serve waiting list and vehicle registration.