University of Missouri, Kansas City

"UMKC has used AIMS and the AIMS Ticketers since 1998. We run our entire enforcement operation and permit distribution system with AIMS.

UMKC is in an urban setting with both open and controlled parking facilities. AIMS provides us a flexible system to handle our diverse and always changing needs.

Our staff find AIMS to be easy and straight forward which assists me in making new staff productive. The Support people at EDC are knowledgeable, friendly, and just plain good at what they do. We all feel like family when we deal with our friends at EDC.

We have also been pleased with how AIMS functions grow with technical advancements. Not only advanced equipment but e-mail letters, e-commerce, sophisticated databases, and Web interaction have all been provided as part of normal support.

AIMS just keeps getting better and helps us to provide better service to our clients."

Michelle Cone
Parking Manager
University of Missouri at Kansas City